The Global Intelligence You Need
In war nothing is more important to a commander than the facts concerning the strength, dispositions, and intentions of his opponent, and the proper interpretation of those facts. In peacetime the necessary facts are of a different nature. They deal with conditions, resources, requirements, and attitudes prevailing in the world. They and their correct interpretation are essential to the development of policy to further our long-term national security and best interests. ~ Dwight Eisenhower
President Eisenhower said those words in 1959 at the inauguration of a spankin’ new building in Langley; what’s now the headquarters of the CIA. Intelligence is vital. Good intelligence is priceless. This is as true for commanders in war, as it is for investors and traders in markets. 
Here is Macro Ops' version of Ike’s words:

In bear markets nothing is more important to the trader / investor than the facts concerning the macro, global risks, the sentiment of his opponents, and the proper interpretation of those facts. In bull markets the necessary facts are of a different nature. They deal with value, liquidity, narratives, and asymmetric opportunities prevailing around the world. They and their correct interpretation are essential to the development of policy to further our long-term compounding profits and financial interests.

These ain’t your Granddaddy’s markets. The financial world is infinitely more connected today than it was just 20 years ago: 

-- Russia’s energy policy impacts the earnings of US utilities. 
-- Credit injections by the Chinese drive commodity pricing and the health of emerging          markets. 
-- The manipulation of interest rates by central banks around the world influence the value  of nearly every type of security — from euro denominated bonds to US small caps and  beyond.
Along with this increased global cause-and-effect linkage, there’s spawned an equal abundance of mind numbing noise. Noise that’s proliferated by the blind, deaf, and dumb financial news media; who regurgitate empty platitudes and thoughtless explanations for why things happen. 
The majority of retail traders get their “intelligence” from these drooling mouth breathers on TV and print. No wonder the vast majority of them get their pockets picked clean by markets, eh?

Confused by the profusion of extreme and contradicting market “predictions”?

Turn off CNBC! Just Turn it off… Do it... QUICKLY!!!

Alright… good.

Stop listening to those people. They’re all morons.

To top it off, everybody else is listening to them. To be in the small percentage of those who actually win in the market, you have to look at the world differently. This isn’t about being contrarian for contrarian’s sake. It’s about separating the wheat from the fly ridden cow shit.

This is exactly what we can help you do.
The Macro Intelligence Report (MIR) acts as a space-grade, industrial-sized noise filter for the financial and economic state of the world. Think of it as your own Central Investment Intelligence Agency (CIIA) whose sole purpose is to provide you, the Investment Commander, with an unmatched quality assessment of the risks to your capital… and just as importantly, lucrative targets to deploy your capital towards.
Every month the MIR is sent out to the members of our globally distributed intelligence network. Every report is stuffed to the gills with unique, valuable, and actionable insights into markets.

Noise is turned into signal.

The MIR is composed by our stone-cold team of Macro Operators. We analyze the markets and the world without bull or bear prejudice. We see things as they are, not how others say they should be. 

We parse through the market enigma using our deep macro, fundamental, and technical knowledge. We then combine this with our understanding of the limitless stupidity of humanity. And of course, humanity’s tendency for fear and greed driven implosion.

We help you win the investing war by keeping you informed of the greatest risks and opportunities across this beautiful green earth. 

The MIR is something our team, as global macro investors, always wished we had. We wanted something that would take the ridiculous amounts of global noise and distill it into actionable information. 

Unfortunately, we never found anything like this. 

So we had to create it ourselves… 

The MIR includes the following: 
Macro Overview

Each MIR starts with an overview of the global macro theme we’re tracking and its drivers. We cover what’s happening now as well as where things are headed over the next few months. 

With so much noise, it’s imperative to define the one or two market drivers actually worth paying attention to. That’s what we do in the Macro Overview

As we explained, the world is more interconnected now than ever before. With advances in technology and globalization, everything is deeply intertwined. What happens thousands of miles away affects you right at home. 

That’s why it’s important to build a complete picture of global markets.
Legendary macro investor George Soros’ success is primarily due to his uncanny ability in this area. Soros has developed a powerful mental framework that tells him exactly how the world’s markets connect. This allows him to determine the important drivers affecting global asset prices. 

Consider the risk-on/risk-off phenomenon across markets the past few years. Regardless of where you’re investing, or in what markets you’re investing in, asset prices have generally risen or fallen together. The markets’ interconnectedness has made it so that one or two global drivers affect everything. Analyzing these drivers like we do in the Macro Overview allows us to harness alpha by investing with and around them.​​​​​
Check out the sweet trend we hit in Peruvian equities.
You may be surprised to hear that this trade started with China. The Red Dragon became our primary focus as it unleashed boatloads of capital into global markets through its credit injections. China was a key global driver because its credit binge affected everything from equities to bonds and commodities. Prices of precious metals in particular soared, which in in turn alerted us to Peru, whose main exports included many of these metals. The metal rally combined with Peru’s market bottom and their position in their deleveraging cycle set up a very lucrative play. The resultant trend made us some great money.  

This is exactly the type of creative investment you’ll find with the intelligence we provide in the Macro Overview. You’ll string together theses no one else sees, ensuring you reap huge profits from the markets.  

And of course we’ll help you do it, not only through the Macro Overview, but also through our Micro Deep Dive
Micro Deep Dive
Our Micro Deep Dive plunges headlong like Felix Baumgartner into the most interesting and profitable investment ideas around the world. It’s here that we drill deeper than a Texas wildcatter and scope in so close we could describe a flea’s fart from a mile out. We make sure to provide MIR readers with the most pertinent and bankable intelligence that can’t be found anywhere else.
Macro is a top-down process. The Macro Overview helps you learn how various global pieces fit together and influence each other. Instead of a bunch of noise you’ll start seeing an enlightening, fully-flush picture like Soros. Building this foundation also provides us the opportunity to plummet a level deeper. It allows us to Deep Dive and laser in on opportunities where the rubber meets the road… where real money is invested and profits are made. 

This is exactly how we hit the Peruvian trend in our previous example. 

And now take a look at Colombia. Do you know why it’s forming a long-term bottom?
Do you understand the connection between its mountains of dirty cocaine money and China? 

Do you know President Santos’ long-term plans? His motivations? 

Are you aware of which companies are best positioned to benefit from government action? Do you know which have the least debt and the most runway? 

The MIR’s Micro Deep Dive will help you understand all of this. It takes everything we developed in the Macro Overview and distills it into actionable ideas. 

Don’t be surprised if you feel like a total badass as you decipher and profit from the complex global markets. You may even feel a bit like Tony Stark when he interacts with his supercomputer Jarvis.
Quant Review

It’s not easy piecing together a narrative to understand global markets. But it is necessary. 

Humans think in stories. Our narrative-based cognitive abilities help us take extremely complex scenarios, in which we never have complete information, and create flowing stories that are easily understandable. This narrative process cuts through complexity and is one of our greatest strengths. But it also comes with a number of weaknesses. When creating these stories we tend to inject our own biases that quickly warp things from objective to subjective. This creates blind spots in our analysis that are very difficult to protect for. 

But that’s why we don’t stop at just creating a narrative for you. Once we’ve completed that task, we take a step back and strip out our human biases by analyzing our story with pure data — ones and zeroes.

The Quant Review attacks our narrative from a data angle to help spot what we’re missing. 

Sure, our narrative analysis may tell us that US equity markets should rise over the next 6 months. But what do our purely quantitative S&P studies say? Considering factors such as the number of days equities have risen in a row without a pullback, seasonality, correlation studies with other markets, etc, does that quantitative information match up with our qualitative assessment? If not, why? 

We absolutely do use a significant amount of data to create our original narrative. But the process of reverse engineering that narrative from a pure quant perspective helps solidify our thesis further. It roots out the biases and blind spots, while often providing insights into trades we may have missed otherwise. 

One of our main focuses in the Quant Review is the VIX volatility index. The VIX is useful because it helps take our entire global assessment and distill it into a single “fear” index. If investors are complacent in regard to global risks, the VIX will be low. If investors are worried, it will be high. 

Through the VIX we can directly combine our global analysis with investor sentiment. The question is never just what we believe, but what other investors believe as well. That’s how we play the game at the second and third levels. We use various tools like the VIX Futures Curve and Volatility Term Structure to find opportunities where we can bet on either higher or lower volatility. This diversifies our total investment strategy and opens up an entire new way to profit from global markets. You’ll see it all done in the Quant Review

As you can tell, the MIR is packed full of vital information that’ll take your trading and investing to the next level. 

But the key to understand here is that this isn’t just some newsletter. It’s not produced by some overworked twenty-year-old investment banker with no skin in the game. It’s the product of a community of ruthless profiteers who eat their own cooking. We scour the globe day in and day out for the absolute best investment opportunities. With the MIR you’re joining a team that has your back through thick and thin; through all the profits and all the risks that come with global macro investing. 

The benefit of the community we’re building cannot be understated. We’ve spoken about our global intelligence network before, and this is where you get to see it in full force. We have investors around the world, with their boots on the ground, turning over stone after stone in search of alpha. 

And the best part about the MIR is that it’s process oriented. Each month you’ll learn more about how we conduct our global macro research. Over time, as you continue to download information into your own mental database and create your own theses, you’ll slowly become an integral part of our distributed intelligence network. Your input matters! As our community grows in both numbers and experience, the opportunities we find will become even more lucrative.

So the question is… Do you want to be one of us… or one of them?

If you decide to become one of us, you’re taking the path of the stone-cold Macro Operator.

You’re choosing to learn the ways of the macro maestro, with a thorough understanding of global capital flows along with the knowledge of how every note fits together to form a beautiful macro symphony — George Soros style.

You’re choosing to take the red pill and dive headfirst into finally understanding the Matrix that's all around you, which others see as pure gibberish.  
Most of all, you’re choosing to take control. Instead of being a victim to large global macro forces, you’re choosing to maneuver alongside them, while utilizing them to your advantage.

Imagine a year from now. You’ve been reading and participating with the MIR each month and now you’re sitting on a hefty chunk of profits — profits you never would have earned without your new global perspective. You came across a few market-changing events along the way and while others panicked, you were calm and collected because you expected them to happen. You were able to use those events as an opportunity to scoop up assets at discounted prices, lining your pockets further. 

And now you see trouble over the horizon. You smell another change coming. But with your team of Operators you’ve already spent months preparing not only how to protect your capital during the transition, but how to double and even triple it.   

You fully expect to be one of the last investors standing, with the Operator team surrounding you, even as the financial markets seemingly crumble.

This is your path if you choose to become one of us.

The alternative is to remain one of them. And that picture ain't so pretty…
Just imagine being one of the passive sheep getting fleeced in the next market shift. Their lack of understanding of global markets will leave them clueless to deafening risks, as they’re completely blindsided when shit finally hits the fan. Panic will ensue as these sheep turn into chickens running around with their heads cut off. 
These are the victims. These are the people who never took their financial future into their own hands. They instead left it to the whims of politicians and other institutions that never had their best interests at heart. They never took control. And so they’re the ones left financially crippled when it’s all said and done.

Don’t let that be you.

The choice is clear. It’s time to subscribe to the Macro Intelligence Report (MIR) and become a Macro Operator.

You have three subscription options to the MIR:  
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As soon as you sign up you’ll be emailed the most recent MIR issue. You’ll also get a username and password to our private Operator site where you can access all past issues. New issues will be sent to you at the beginning of each month. 
Now keep in mind that you’ll lock in the above rates for life. They’ll never be increased as we raise prices. 

And you better believe that we will be raising prices. We already have plans to upgrade the MIR with new proprietary models that’ll give us an even bigger advantage in finding the best global opportunities. To support these new models and future upgrades, we’ll have to raise prices over time. 

The beauty of the MIR subscription is that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have two ENTIRE months to evaluate the MIR for yourself. If our research doesn’t help you make multiples of the price you’re paying, you can refund your money right away. No hard feelings. We want to make the MIR completely risk-free for you to explore. 

Please take this opportunity to check it out. We’re confident you’ll love it.
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Now you could just rely on yourself month after month to collect and analyze all this global information. To track updates around the world, across hundreds of markets, and string them together into a single cohesive investment picture that will actually make you money.

And hey, if you think that’s the best way to do it, then go for it! We wish you all the luck in the world.

But consider what you’re missing out on. You’re missing out on an entire elite global network of Operators all doing the same thing you are. You’re missing all that vital information we can share with you.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not confident or foolish enough to believe I can find every opportunity across the globe by myself. Sure, I’ll definitely be able to find some, and do okay, but why would I want to settle for just okay? Why wouldn’t I want to jump at every asymmetric opportunity I could get my hands on? Why would I deny myself the insights the Operator community can provide me through the MIR?

Yes, trading is indeed a solo gig. At the end of the day you need to make your own investment decisions. But think about the best investors you know of. From Paul Tudor Jones to Peter Brandt.

You know what they all have?

They have a community to bounce ideas off of. A community that supports their own efforts to develop and execute on their individual investment theses.

Every single one of these guys has “buddies” (who are actually some of the most successful investors in the world) that they talk to on a regular basis. Their community is an integral part of their investment process. It’s how they field ideas and keep their finger to the pulse of global markets.

This is what the MIR can provide for you. It’s your ear to the streets. Your boots on the ground. Your team that supports you on your conquest to profit from the biggest trends around the globe.

Don’t miss out.
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And remember, this all comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. There is zero risk to subscribe.

Do you want to take your trading and investing to the next level? Do you want to develop the knowledge to be able to profit in any market environment, anywhere in the world?

Then it’s time to subscribe the MIR. Click below to sign up.

See you on the other side… 
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